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Twitter removes Andy Ngo's post showing an example of a death threat he received: Author and journalist Andy Ngo tweeted a screenshot of a death threat email he received. The email read "Andy, I'm hopeful that someone puts a bullet in your head. That would be hilarious!!!! Die motherf**er..... die," according to screenshots Ngo posted on GETTR. He tweeted the screenshot, explaining "I experience this often where antifa lie about me to the point that others believe I'm a neo-Nazi who should be murdered (& they act on that belief). Sympathy is powerful  & antifa seek to squash this human impulse so that you feel nothing when you see them beating their victims." Twitter removed the tweet for "[v]violating [its] rules against posting private information," according to screenshots. Ngo is an editor at large for The Post Millennial, which responded to Twitter's censorship of the post, claiming "The private information? An obviously fake email address which was attached to a death threat. We censored it because @TwitterSupport is doubling down." Screenshots show that Twitter rejected the journalist's appeal of the censorship.

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