Andy Ngo

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Andy Ngo claims Facebook removed post linking to story about radical Antifa member "to prevent and disrupt offline harm": Andy Ngo, who reports widely on Antifa's antics at The Post Millennial and in a new book, claimed that he had a post removed by Facebook for violating its "Community Standards on violence and incitement." According to Ngo, the platform explained that these standards exist "to prevent and disrupt offline harm," yet it was not Ngo who was inciting violence but rather the person he reported on. The article that Ngo linked to reported on "a far-left extremist" who "has history of violent extremist, racist online posts." The person, who prefers to be referred to as "they/them," is the student body president at Virginia Commonwealth University. Some tweets that had been attributed to the extremist include calls "to advocate for the k*lling of k*ps" and "riot riot riot," as well as expressions of racism such as "i hate white people so much its (sic) not even funny," according to Ngo's Post Millenial article.  The article further explained that on the day that the Derek Chauvin verdict was returned, the "now-suspended" Twitter account exclaimed: "i hope that man walks so we can burn this bitch to the ground." Yet Ngo claimed, providing a screenshot for support, that his article explaining all of this was flagged by Facebook as "incitement" and removed. The article is now appearing on Ngo's Facebook feed once again. Ngo also shared a screenshot of a tweet from an Antifa-related group calling for mass reporting of all instances where Ngo's story had been shared, listing the known posts for ease of reporting.