Andrew Bostom


Twitter suspends physician for tweeting a peer-reviewed study about COVID-19 vaccines: Dr. Andrew Bostom, physician, clinical trialist and epidemiologist, has been suspended by Twitter. His account had amassed over 42,000 followers at the time that it was suspended. Bostom shared purported screenshots of the notices that he received from Twitter explaining the suspension in a blog he wrote about the incident for Legal Insurrection and noted that his appeal is still pending. According to the purported screenshots, he was cited by Twitter for a tweet that read "Primary Covid-19 CNT162b mRNA vaccination temporarily impairs semen concentration & total motile count among semen donors, with apparent rebound by ~5mos, but no data on boosting effect. Does bolstering yield another decline?, followed by??" The tweet then linked out to a peer-reviewed study in the scientific journal Andrology. The tweet was Bostom's summary of the findings from the study. According to the purported screenshot, Twitter locked his account and claimed that this tweet violated its rules against "spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19." Bostom received another notice from Twitter explaining that his account had been suspended because he had been found to be "spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19." His account has been suspended for five days as of the time of publication. His notice did not specify how long the suspension would last, though it did note that attempts to evade a "permanent suspension" would constitute a violation of its Terms of Service.