Amir Odom


Instagram removed a user's story content when he answered a question about white supremacy: Conservative Instagram influencer, Amir Odom reported in a since-deleted post that the platform removed one of his Instagram stories where he gave his opinion on white supremacy. "I was doing a Q&A on my story and someone asked for my opinion on white supremacy. I gave my opinion, as a black man, and it was one that Instagram deemed to be racist." He posted a screenshot of the notice he received from Instagram. "Your content has been removed for going against our guidelines. Avoid losing access to your account and the permanent removal of your posts followers messages and archive by following our Community Guidelines," the notice read. Odom explained his understanding of what happened in his Instagram post. "They took it down for hate speech and when I appealed it, they doubled down and concluded that I post racist rhetoric about black people," he wrote.