Alison Morrow


YouTube reportedly removes and later reinstates amid intense backlash a video from an independent journalist highlighting how the mainstream media violates the same COVID-19 misinformation policies used by Big Tech to punish independent creators: YouTube reportedly deleted a video uploaded by independent journalist Alison Morrow, which pointed out examples of the mainstream media violating Big Tech's "medical misinformation" rules that are regularly used to punish smaller independent creators. The video was titled "Corporate news can break YouTube's rules," and featured fellow censored independent journalist Matt Orfalea. "THE INSANITY CONTINUES! YouTube just suspended @AlisonMorrowTV after removing a video of us discussing how 'Corporate news can break YouTube's rules', showing how corporate news spread covid misinformation," tweeted Orfalea. "Instead of suspending CNN, Alison is now suspended for EXPOSING them!!!" Morrow's appeal to have her video reinstated was promptly denied, but amid intense backlash over the censorship, YouTube quickly reinstated the video and removed the strike it had levied against Morrow's channel that would have prevented her from uploading any new content for a week. "Within 24-hrs of denying my appeal, 'confirming' a #covid misinformation violation, @TeamYouTube has restored my video, removed my strike and let me back into my channel," tweeted Morrow. "While I am so grateful for everyone's support, I can't celebrate this insane curation of public discourse."