Abbot Tryphon


Orthodox Christian monk banned from Facebook for undisclosed reason: Facebook has banned the Page of Abbot Tryphon, an Orthodox Christian monk based in the Pacific Northwest. "I confess my sadness that Facebook has chosen to ban me from their social medium, and separate me from my 39,553 'friends' and followers of my 'Abbot Tryphon' Facebook page," the monk wrote in a blog post explaining to his followers the truth behind why he had disappeared from the platform. He feared his followers may think he abandoned them. "[T]here are perhaps thousands of people who believe I simply chose to walk away from this ministry of sharing encouraging words, and attempting to pass on to my Facebook readers the tools needed to survive this age of nihilism," he wrote. In his blog post the monk also noted that Facebook had banned him for undisclosed violations of their standards before he could tell his readers to subscribe to his blog. "I’m convinced the Internet has become the major vehicle for the workings of the Evil One, and our children are not the only vulnerable ones. Indeed, our nation is at the crossroads, for we are witnessing the 'reset' of our Western way of life."