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Twitter isn’t just more favorable to the left — it’s wildly more supportive. The company’s trend-setting Twitter Moments account gave massively more favorable attention to the Democrat National Convention over the Republican convention.

During the RNC and the DNC conventions, Twitter Moments posts were five times more favorable toward the Democrats than they were to Republicans. In the same fashion, Twitter Moments featured eight times more negative tweets about the RNC than they did about the DNC. These included whole moments dedicated to simply fact-checking statements made by President Donald Trump during his nomination acceptance speech.

The Media Research Center looked at 23 Twitter Moments focused on the RNC, and 28 Twitter Moments focused on the DNC. The tweets featured in the Moments that were only video clips, quotes, or simple statements of fact were classified as “neutral,” regardless of the source. Tweets from members of the conventions were considered “biased for,” and tweets that spoke favorably of the conventions. Tweets that highlighted opposition, were fact-checked, or spoke of the events in a negative light were considered “biased against.” Overall, 1,108 tweets were examined.

Some of the negative tweets against the RNC included a tweet from NPR which tried to refute a statement made by the widow of the fallen police captain David Dorn. The tweet said, “The daughter of slain police captain David Dorn criticized his widow for using his death to promote Trump at the #RNC, telling The St. Louis American: ‘He would not want his legacy to be for his death to be used to further Trump’s law-and-order agenda.’”

Meanwhile, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi was featured as saying about Senator Kamala Harris, “I literally have tears in my eyes. @KamalaHarris just said “chithis” which means auntie. My heart is so full right now.”



Fifty-nine percent of the tweets about the DNC were positive in nature, while only 4.6 percent of the tweets could be considered negative or biased against. In contrast, 42.8 percent of the tweets about the RNC were biased against the event, while only 12 percent were biased for the event.

Twitter Moments describes itself as “The best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant.” The description of how the Twitter Moments are curated of course implies that there is no bias in the selection of featured tweets. “Moments is designed to highlight remarkable content on Twitter. They should appeal to a broad audience, and the content should be appropriate for all parts of the Twitter community,” writes the blog post. Those who curate the Twitter Moments “should not advance their own viewpoints, but rather reflect the discussion as it appears on our platform.”

Coverage of the DNC sparkled. Some of the Twitter Moments were speckled with messages from random supporters, who said things like, “I’m thoroughly enjoying the #DNC convention! Wuth the exception of Keynote Speaker & candidate’s acceptance speech, I rarely watched the pep rallies in the past. I prefer the #Zoom format.”



In comparison, one would think Twitter was at war with Republicans, based on Twitter Moments’ coverage. An entire Moment was dedicated to CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale and his television appearance where he fact-checked Trump. There were no Trump supporters whose tweets were featured in Twitter Moments. It seemed that was only given to the DNC Twitter Moments.

The DNC Twitter Moments did not feature many fact-checks of the events or the statements made by Democratic politicians. Instead, it featured a Twitter Moment which fact-checked Republicans.

Ten tweets from former Vice President Joe Biden were featured in the DNC’s Twitter Moments, while only two tweets from Trump were featured in the RNC’s Twitter Moments.

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