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Fox Business anchor David Asman went after President Joe Biden’s tyrannical electric vehicle (EV) mandate, absolutely devastating Pete “Racist Roads” Buttigieg, Biden's smug and clueless transportation secretary. 

During the July 5 edition of Kudlow, Asman brought the receipts, showing that Americans were refusing to be bribed or cajoled into abandoning combustion vehicles. “The bottom line is — however they think they can work it out — their mandates are based on fantasy,” he said. 

Asman provided two key examples of how “Americans are slamming the brakes on the Democrats' forced push for electric vehicles.” First, the Fox Business anchor pointed to collapsing EV startup Fisker Inc. slashing prices by “80%” in an attempt to get rid of their cars. 

A second brutal blow came from McKinsey & Company, an ESG defender and publisher of debunked DEI studies. Asman cited a February study from McKinsey to show that even Americans who have purchased EVs are not sold on them: Nearly half of them “want to switch back to gas-powered vehicles.”

With these two examples, Asman skewered Buttigieg, a former McKinsey & Company employee, for arguing that Americans were inexorably marching towards an all-electric vehicle future in 2050. “You’re not going to meet a whole lot of people who ever go back after they’ve gone electric and I think that really tells you something,” he said. 

In the present, Asman mocked Buttigieg for presuming that Americans would fully embrace EVs when “even EV owners don’t.” 

Asman’s guest, Alex Epstein, the founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, also pointed out that both the mandate and generous federal subsidies had failed to push the public to embrace EVs. Epstein argued that subsidies for electric vehicles went beyond what was allocated by the Inflation Reduction Act and could be as high as $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000 per car:

“There’s all sorts of these crazy credits behind the scenes that allow automakers to lose billions and billions of dollars on EVs but make them up from the sales of gasoline-powered vehicles. Imagine they weren’t getting $30,000 plus and yet even when they're getting $30,000 plus in subsidies, they are still having trouble winning over Americans and the reason is just because for most people at this point in time, they are not the most cost-effective option.”

Epstein warned that since this very expensive carrot had failed, the Biden administration was likely to continue using a stick. Epstein said, “Unfortunately, Biden's policy is government-dictated green energy and they think that ‘if we want people to want EVs and we put enough pressure on them, they’ll get them.’ And they’re holding a gun to our head partially but even that's not enough, so I guess they think they just have to totally dictate us or throw us in jail. That’s probably the only way it’s going to really work.” 

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