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The talking heads at MSNBC had a conniption over the U.S. Supreme Court daring to gut the power of unelected bureaucrats just whipping up regulations willy-nilly.  

On June 28, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in the Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo case to rein in the absurd power usurped by the federal bureaucracy from Congress and the courts. Due to the 1984 Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council decision, federal agencies had to defer to government agencies' interpretations of ambiguous laws. In response to the fall of "Chevron," hosts and guests on a number of MSNBC shows gathered to mourn the inability of unelected bureaucrats to arbitrarily impose their will on American businesses. MSNBC legal analyst Barbara McQuade was arguably one of the most triggered personalities on the network. She cried that the obliteration of the draconian “Chevron” deference was “[A]n attack not only on the working class but also on career professionals in government who develop expertise in their field,” Huh? 

McQuade perfectly encapsulated the MSNBC fury by complaining about how the ruling was an attempt to “dismantle the administrative state” and how it was a “real blow to the career professional civil service.” She wasn’t the only MSNBC figure to throw a temper tantrum over the demise of the “Chevron” doctrine. The rest of MSNBC backed her up. MSNBC host Joy Reid railed how the decision will “basically end the government’s ability to regulate the environment, public health, workplace safety and consumer protections. God help us all!” Oh yes, how terrible the government can’t legally be as tyrannical as it was before. 

On the June 28 edition of Alex Wagner Tonight, former president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund Sherrilyn Ifill went after the so-called “arrogant” Supreme Court, before ludicrously arguing that the decision “takes power from Congress, which after all delegated that power to federal agencies,” despite specifically being about ending court deference to executive branch regulators making up their own interpretations on gray areas of the law. She would go on to call for an expansion of the Supreme Court. National Review Editor Philip Klein has made the opposite point, arguing that Chevron disempowered Congress by leading it to “increasingly shirk its obligations of lawmaking and defer authority to agencies.”

During the same segment, MSNBC host Alex Wagner suggested that the decision was motivated by “MAGA” concerns about the “deep state.” 

On the June 29 edition of MSNBC’s The Weekend, co-host Alicia Menendez gave the game away fretting about an “actual imperial presidency” under former President Donald Trump. Moments before this, Menendez warned that Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts wants to “deconstruct the administrative state” before playing a clip of Roberts discussing Project 2025 and the need to rein in the power of the leftist federal bureaucracy.

Menendez did not specify how reducing the power of a future Trump executive branch would empower him to run an imperial presidency.

MRC Free Speech America VP Dan Schneider dragged Menendez and her panel, “These MSNBC people are so radical they don’t even see how absurd they are. Taking power away from a future Trump administration necessarily means that Trump’s executive branch would require congressional action before he could take certain actions.” Schneider added, “Now, the elected representatives of the people will have to do their jobs, exercise their Constitutional power and be held accountable by voters for unpopular decisions.”

During the same show, Slate senior writer Mark Joseph Stern also vented about the decision. “This decision reflects a lot of hostility toward Congress and how Congress has legislated for the last hundred years or so, right? Congress passes broad laws that are designed to give agencies the ability to address problems on the ground as they arise.”

Conservatives are under attack!  Contact MSNBC at (800) 952-5210 and demand they stop shilling for the administrative state.